2016 - Present


  • Vinda Personal Care (China) held Groundbreaking Ceremony for its Xincheng Project
  • Integrated SCA’s Asian business with aim to become a leading hygiene company in Asia
  • Vinda showcased its four categories products at 23th Nanjing Tissue Technology Exhibition withmajor attention from local and overseas
  • 4th Vinda Ultra Strong nationwide bus tour kicked off in Chengdu; Vinda tied up with Disney’sand Pixar Studio’s animated cartoon movies, Finding Dory to promote Ultra Strong familytogetherness
  • Vinda Project VINCO completion ceremony held in Zhejiang
  • Held a joint press conference about tissue technology in Beijing with the theme of “BetterTissue, Better Life”
  • Lin Chi-Ling models Vinda tissue wedding gown at Vinda Tissue For Happiness wedding gownfashion show
  • Vinda has been named among China top 10 brands with most growth potential by KantarWorldpanel
  • Vinda rounded of its 4th Vinda Ultra Strong nationwide bus tour with the release of the first Family Relationship Report to analyze the social impact on parent-child relationships following China’s implementation of the “two child” policy
  • Vinda expands tissue production capacity at Xinhui Sanjiang factory by 260,000 tons


  • Selected as a constituent member of Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Benchmark Index


  • YangJiang factory, the 10th plant in mainland China in operation.


  • Vinda group begins construction of ASEAN headquarters in Malaysia.
  • The launch of Libresse and TENA pants in China market


  • Selected as constituent stocks of MSCI Global Standard Indexes and MSCI China All Shares Index.
  • Selected as a constituent stock of Hang Seng Composite Index and Hang Seng Stock Connect Greater Bay Area Composite Index.

2006 - 2015


  • Annual designed production capacity reached 170,000 tons


  • Vinda International Holdings Limited listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code:3331). SCA, a leading global hygiene and forest products company, became the second largest shareholder of Vinda Group, forming a strategic alliance with Vinda


  • Became a sponsor and official marketing partner of NBA (National Basketball Association) of the United States. Vinda Paper (Zhejiang) started trial production to better serve and develop Eastern China market


  • Vinda Personal Care Product Co., Ltd. was founded as a vehicle to break into the personal care product market. Granted license for animated character in “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf”, which was popular in Mainland China, and launched a series of Peasant Goat and Big Big Wolf tissue products


  • Kick-started the construction for its 7th manufacturing base in Liaoning;expanding its manufacturing and marketing network to Southern, Eastern, Central, Northern and Western China


  • Established V-Care, the joint-venture company as a vehicle to break into the personal care product market. Collaborated with Dreamworks Inc. and launched a series of Kungfu Panda products


  • SCA increased stakes in Vinda and strengthened the strategic relationship. Launched Ultra Strong series and fortified the Vinda brand equity. Collaborated with 20th Century Fox Film Corporation to promote the “Ice Age” products


  • Became the exclusive tissue provider for Qingdao International Beer Festival. Granted the license for the globally popular animated character “Spongebob and SquarePants” and rolled out a series of Spongebob products


  • Integrated SCA Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau’s hygiene businesses to gain larger market share for household paper and incontinence, feminine and baby care products by managing multiple brands. Acquired remaining 59{2edb3aed2c85cd061df67cd0474b3529f8497f972cd5203c172ff648fa26497d} stake in V-care to seize opportunities in China’s personal care market


  • Celebrated 30-year anniversary, initiated new Five-Year Plan and determined to go international. Entered an agreement to integrate SCA Asian’s hygiene business, expanding businesses to the Asian market. Kick-started the construction of 10th production base in Yangjiang. Selected as the Hang Seng HK MidCap Index Constituent Stock

1996 - 2005


  • Started to sponsor sports events, including National Football League Group A, National Volleyball League and National Bowling Championship games; became prime sponsor for National Women’s Volleyball team for 3 consecutive years


  • Became the first Chinese household paper manufacturer to break into the overseas market with the establishment of its converting facility in Australia


  • Sponsored and became the exclusive household paper provider for the Chinese national team in the 19th Winter Olympic Games. Granted license from the Chinese Olympic Committee to use its symbols and produce officially licensed household paper and sanitary napkins


  • Awarded the “China’s Most Famous Brand”


  • Granted the Hong Kong Safety Mark Certification. Vinda Paper (Jiangmen) kicked off a project to build 100,000 tons production capacity


  • Awarded “China’s Top Brand”, one of the “100 Most Valuable Brands in China”, and “Most Influential Household Paper Brand in China”

1985 - 1995


  • Vinda was established, and started the manufacturing of high quality tissue products


  • Vinda brand was officially registered making the first step in shaping the brand


  • Appointed exclusive tissue supplier for the largest global fast food restaurant chain in China


  • Annual designed production capacity reached to 30,000 tons. Successfully entered the high-end market, a territory owned by foreign brands during that time