Drypers has been the leading baby diapers brand in Malaysia for more than 16 years. Drypers diapers are proudly made in Malaysia by SCA Hygiene Malaysia Sdn Bhd for Malaysians. Over the years, we remain constant in our commitment to providing your baby with good quality diapers, with good absorbency to keep your baby dry and comfortable. All innovations of Drypers products are developed locally by our research and development laboratory…click here for more

The 21st Century is a great time to be a woman, a great time to follow your dreams and your heart. We are committed to helping you feel just as secure and confident when you have your period as you do during the rest of the month. Our products have been inspired by women and what they wear. Think of it: Feeling confident can be thanks to a perfectly tailored dress, a dab of perfume, the right sunglasses, or even a pair of jeans – the smallest details can make all the difference…click here for more

With over 40 years experience, TENA is the worldwide leader in the management of incontinence, providing products and services for individuals and healthcare services throughout 90 countries.

As the established brand leader (with a 40% market share) in Europe, we are also a growing brand in the USA and are now expanding into Central and Latin America, the Far East, India and other developing regions. We are at the forefront of developing products that meet the needs of individuals, carers, clinicians and healthcare services around the world…click here for more

Born in 1985, the brand Vinda has striven to satisfy people’s needs for quality products. Vinda, in 1989 for the first time in the country, produced napkin with 100% imported virgin wood pulp and since then continues to provide quality household paper products for Chinese consumers. By now, the brand Vinda has expanded its assortment to not only include cored rolls but also softpack, cordless rolls and wet wipes…click here for more